Students have sex. A lot. In fact, we’re pretty much the only demographic who are dictated by cliché stereotypes to actually have enough sex.

So news of a new ‘STI Superbug’ – a strand of gonorrea resistant to antibiotics – that has been discovered in Japan and is predicted to spread around the world within ten years is certainly bad news for a generation the Mail label as accustomed to ‘increased promiscuity’. (I don’t think this is necessarily the case but I couldn’t resist linking to an article where the Mail makes the sweeping unsubstantiated claim that all young people are a bunch of sluts).

However, a conversation with a 15 year-old I knew this afternoon had me choking on my own disbelief over the 6 o’clock news and thinking about an even bigger threat to the sex habits of young people. The subject of our conversation? The sex education assembly she had at her Catholic school today. Something that I suggest poses a greater threat than an antibiotic-resistant strand of gonorrea. More