Editorial Independence Threatened: An Open Letter from the Wessex Scene


This is the accompanying picture for the article published on Wessex Scene online, Editorial Independence Threatened: An Open Letter from the Wessex Scene.  

Image by Emily Cotton and David Goymer.


The So:baring Truth About Student Editorial Independence?


One thing that I have struggled with throughout my time as News Editor for the Wessex Scene – the University of Southampton Student Union’s student publication – has been its relationship with the Union itself.

Who is in charge and has final say over what goes in the Wessex Scene? Is it the students? Perhaps the Editor? Maybe VP Media and Comms? Or is it Union Management? Let’s face it, it’s official title I have already given is a bit of a mouthful – ‘ the University of Southampton Student Union’s student publication…’ Some people would have their own clear ideas, and anyone can offer any one of those responses to that question. More

SUSUtv Wins with a Fresh Perspective at this year’s NaSTA Awards

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SUSUtv can now be referred to as nationally award winning after the Southampton University Student’s TV station picked up two awards at this year’s NaSTA (National Student Television Association) Awards. More

Begging the Question: Are students equipped to deal with controversial issues as they once were?


Just last month Universities UK published a report calling for Vice-Chancellors to avoid banning controversial speakers on campuses; consequential debates regarding student extremism and freedom of speech spawned across the web, and, last week the issue could not be more relevant to students in Southampton as controversial former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg gave a lecture to students at the University as part of Islamic Awareness Week.

Freedom of speech is one of the greatest and most taken for granted aspects of democratic societies and, traditionally, students are looked to as champions for its promotion and the advocating of new liberal ideas permitted by this freedom.

Students are seen to lead the revolutions. Campuses are meant to be where intellectual debate is expected at its most broad-minded and advanced, and the next generation are looked to for an understanding of sociological development that the older generation may have overlooked, or have become too accustomed to the traditional that they are unable to understand. Or, at least, this is the common thought. More

Unveiling the Mystery of the Masher: Competition in Student Media


Students at the University of Southampton were last week all talking about the same thing. The subtle launch of The Wessex Mash had everyone giggling in the library instead of revising, Union insiders gossiping about its content and the possible identity of its creator, and the sensitive of those mentioned on the site offended at its humour. More

My Student News and Journalism Revolution

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With a view to avoid the typical ‘New Year Resolutions’  list, this year, on New Year’s Day, I instead chose to compile a list of goals I intend to achieve within the next 12 months. Setting up a blog with regular engaging content was of course, one of these goals. Now, shamefully, this is something I should’ve done a very long time ago, last September at the acceptable latest. And here’s why… More